Y# 466 China Remote Province SZECHUAN 100 Cash Year 15 (1926) Life is too high

Y# 466 China Remote Province SZECHUAN 100 Cash Year 15 (1926) Life is too high

Republic of China
Sichuan Remote Province 100 cash, Life is too high

15th year of the Republic (1926)


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Weight: 8 grams, Size: 29 mm; Material: Bronze


生活過高 地方請求鑄此 平價

which means:

Life is too high, local request to cast this, to steady price




鑄 邉




Remote Province


100 CASH

Catalog reference: Y#466



在四川地區流通使用的各種銅元中,有一種?#37002;鑄川銘100文?#37509;元,此幣正面完全類似在四川地區廣為流通而鑄量極大的川銘嘉穗銅元圖案,正面中心鐫一?#24029;?#23383;,上緣書年份?#20013;華民國十五年?#25110;?#20013;華民國十九年?#65292;下緣書幣值?#27599;枚當一百文?#65292;但不同於川銘嘉穗銅元之處在於正面?#24029;?#23383;左右加列?#37002;鑄?#20108;字,以及背面沒有夾穗圖案,而是以篆書體鐫刻?#29983;活過高地方請求鑄此平價?#21313;二字。較之各種劣質川幣,邊鑄川銘100文?#37509;元就顯得銅質較佳,且鑄工也較為精良,所鐫?#29983;活過高地方請求鑄此平價?#21313;二篆字,字體秀雅,排列井然,邊鑲飾雙圈,構成一幅協和的文字圖案,將書法藝術、社會經濟現狀與民意 (其意應是反應當時劣幣充斥,錢價日賤,生活日高,百姓不堪其苦多所不滿) 熔為一體,可以說是一枚創意新奇、獨具特色的稀罕妙品。
幣面特意鐫刻?#37002;鑄?#20108;字,應是意指此幣的鑄地及其使用區為川邊地區 (四川西部高原地區,包括現今雅安市、甘孜藏族自治州、阿壩藏族羌族自治州及涼山彝族自治州的大部分地區在內,在近代歷史上的不同時期相繼有過川邊地區、川滇地區、川藏地區等名稱)。而關於此幣的鑄造背景,未見任何詳實的文字記載,網上部分錢幣專家依據相關史料推論研判,?#37002;鑄川銘100文?#37509;元應當是在川康邊防總指揮劉文輝 (保定系軍閥) 的同意下,由其所控制,設於雅安的造幣廠,仿照?#24029;銘嘉穗?#37509;元的版式,於1926年(民國15年)及1930年(民國19年)分兩次鑄造。

Szechuan (Sichuan) Province is in the south central part of China, and is an important economic power in the country. The capital is Chengdu. In the early 20th Century it, along with Tibet, was made a special administrative district, acknowledging the dominance of non-Han Chinese people in the region. The Szechuan mint with modern equipment opened in 1898 with machinery brought from New Jersey, USA. Another mint was opened in Chungking in 1905.


In the first year of the Republic, several provinces, among them Sichuan (Szechuan), Yunnan, Fujian (Fukien) and Hunan, minted coins independently, with their own designs.

Sichuan produced a standard design for all coins, consisting of the Chinese character for Han in a central circle, supposedly to signify that the Chinese Han people had taken back control of their country from the Manchu Qing dynasty, surrounded by eighteen small circles representing the provinces of China. This was used on silver dollars, half-dollars (5 jiao) and 20 cents (1 jiao), together with brass coins of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 wen (cash). A small number of other designs on the bronze coinage also date from this period.



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Y# 466 China Remote Province SZECHUAN 100 Cash Year 15 (1926) Life is too high