Y# 412 Rare Da Han Tong Bi, Iron Blood 18-star, Kiangsi 10 Cash, 1912 China ROC

Y# 412 Rare Da Han Tong Bi, Iron Blood 18-star, Kiangsi 10 Cash, 1912 China ROC

The Republic of China

Kiangsi 10 Cash Copper Coin 1912

Da Han Tong Bi, Iron Blood 18-star

Weight: 7.8 grams, Size: 28.2 mm, Copper


was a rebel issue made before the revolution. Not only a symbol of defiance, this coin indicated secret membership.


Y# 412 Da Han Tong Bi, Kiangsi 10 Cash, CD (1912).

大漢銅幣 江西省造 壬子 當十

Obverse: Horizontal rosette in center with Chinese characters "Da Han Tong Bi" which means the copper coin of the Great Han.


造 省 西 江

子 幣 銅 壬


Reverse: 铁血十八星 - The Iron Blood 18-star flag in the Center, 6-petalled rosette at either side




Catalog Number: Y# 412


Kiangsi Province is located in south-eastern China. The first mint opened in 1729 in Nanchang. Modern mint equipment was installed in 1901, and production of copper coins only continued into the 1920's.


Iron Blood 18-star flag


The Iron-blood 18-star Flag

The Iron-blood 18-star flag was the symbol of victory of Wuchang Uprising, the catalyst for a nationwide revolution that ended the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911).

Anti-Qing government activities got increasingly intense upon the establishment of the United League of China in 1905. Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang, collectively the city of Wuhan, occupied the strategic point of traffic in China and was a culturally-developed industrial center in the country. Revolutionaries in Wuhan had long been engaged in revolutionary activities, under Sun Yat-sen抯 influence and leadership. Many members of the United League and intellectuals joined the New Army and laid a solid foundation for Wuchang Uprising. With the Central Committee of the United League, two revolutionary groups in Wuhan, the Literary Society and the Progressive Association, held a joint meeting in September 1911, establishing the command for the uprising, with Jiang Yiwu, Chairman of the Literary Society as the commander-in-chief and Sun Wu, the leader of the Progressive Association as the chief of staff. The two groups then got actively involved in the preparation for the uprising, including working out the plan, announcement, official seal, flag and symbol of the uprising. The 18-star flag was short for 搕he Iron-blood 18-star flag? The red ground stood for the strong will and readiness to sacrifice and the 18 stars for 18 provinces in China back then, thus a symbol of the whole country.

However, due to betrayal of secret, the revolutionary organs got attacked on 9 October, the scheduled date for the uprising, and many revolutionaries were arrested. Peng Chufan and two others remained unyielding to the cruel torture and died heroically in the small hours of the morning of 10 October, shouting 揕ong live the Republic of China!?and 揕ong live Comrade Sun Yat-sen and our dear comrades!?Nonetheless, the uprising was started around 7pm on 10 October. Led by Xiong Bingkun, a representative revolutionary, the Eighth Engineering Battalion fired the first shot of the uprising and took Chuwangtai Armory. Very soon, the 29th and 30th Groups of the New Army, Surveying and Mapping School, Nanhu Artillery Team and Tangjiao Supplies and Gear Team also revolted. After one night抯 fierce fighting, the revolutionaries took over the official mansion of Viceroy of Huguang and got control of Wuchang.。

The Military Government of Hubei of the Republic of China was established on 11 October and headquartered in the site of the previous Public Opinion Collecting Bureau of Hubei. The government was guarded by 10 majestic-looking guards under two fluttering Iron-blood 18-star flags. Wuchang Uprising evoked extensive repercussions across the country, and the Iron-blood 18-star flags fluttered high in sky in many provinces. When an interim government was built in Nanjing in January 1912, the 18-star flag was replaced by the five-colored flag. The five colors of red, yellow, blue, white and black stood for the Han, Manchu, Mongolian, Hui and Tibetan groups.




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Y# 412 Rare Da Han Tong Bi, Iron Blood 18-star, Kiangsi 10 Cash, 1912 China ROC