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Taiwan Old Man Silver Dollar God of longevity Year of Dao Guang, 1838-1850 AD

Silver Taiwan Old Man Dollar

God of longevity, 1838-1850 AD

Year of Dao Guang

Weight: 26.9 grams; Size: 40 mm; Thickness: 2.4 mm;

Material: Silver


CHINA. Taiwan. 'Old Man' god of longevity Dollar, 1838-1850 AD



The First Dollar of China Initially designed as a form of military payment, the Taiwan dollar quickly gained the approval of the people and grew in popularity. This was primarily due to its high silver content, approximately 98% fine. At this time, the Spanish 8 Reales were the most widely accepted coin being 0.903, just over 90% fine.

The obverse depicts the god of longevity with character that signify "Seven Two by the Treasury Scales". This represents the first depiction of what later became the standard "7 Mace 2 Candareens".

Recorded mintage: unknown.
Specification: 26.9 g, silver.

Taiwan was originally administered as part of Fujian Province. The archipelago became its own province in 1875. It was seized by Japan in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895, and returned in 1945. The Republic of China government made Taiwan its seat in 1949, and it has been administered as a separate country since, though the People’s Republic of China does not recognize its sovereignty.



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Taiwan Old Man Silver Dollar God of longevity Year of Dao Guang, 1838-1850 AD Si