Southern Song Dynasty 1173AD Chun Xi Yuan Bao 1 Cash Li script blank Reverse

Southern Song Dynasty
1173AD Chun Xi Yuan Bao 1 Cash Li script blank Reverse
Chun Xi Yuan Bao one Cash, 1173 AD

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Obverse: Chun Xi Yuan Bao
Reverse: blank


In 1173 the period title was proclaimed to be Chun Xi with chun written as 纯. Only 6 days later, the chun was officially changed to be written as 淳. The Tongan mint in in Anhui produced a very small number of chun xi yuan bao (纯熙元宝) iron coins with the chun written as 纯. These small iron coins are very rare.

Beginning in the 7th year (1180) of the Chun Xi reign of Emperor Xiao Zong, a number indicating the year of the period title in which the coin was cast was added to the reverse side of coins. This measure was taken to help reduce the illegal casting of private coins. It was believed that those casting private coins would not adopt the technology necessary to prepare and mate properly the obverse and reverse molds to produce coins with well cast inscriptions. Most privately cast coins of that time tended to be thin with flat reverses.

From this time until the end of the Song Dynasty in 1279, there tended to be few officially produced bronze coins with the period title year cast on the reverse side of the coin. Many iron coins, however, were cast with the year indicated on the reverse.

Also, beginning with the Chun Xi era coins and continuing to the end of the Song Dynasty, the inscriptions on bronze cash coins tended to be written in what is now known as the "Song style" or "regular script". For this reason, there are fewer varieties of bronze cash coins.

Emperor Xiao Zong during the years 1174-1189 had coins cast as chun xi yuan bao (淳熙元宝) and chun xi tong bao (淳熙通宝). The chun xi yuan bao (淳熙元宝) coins were cast in bronze and iron, in both seal and regular scripts, as 1 cash, 2 cash and 3 cash. The chun xi tong bao (淳熙通宝) iron coins were written in seal script and issued as 1 cash and 2 cash.




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Southern Song Dynasty 1173AD Chun Xi Yuan Bao 1 Cash Li script blank Reverse



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