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Silver Tibet Tangka Antique Dalai LAMA Coin LUCKY Symbols Ancient China Tibetan

Silver Tibet Tangka Antique Dalai LAMA Coin LUCKY Symbols Ancient China Tibetan

Antique TIBET Dalai LAMA Silver Coin with LUCKY Symbols

Authenticity guaranteed!

size: 27.4 mm; weight: 5.2 grams; Material: Silver

Obverse Inscription : Eight-petalled flower with inscription...
(dgav dan pho brang phyogs las rnam rgyal)
which means: Holy Temple of DGAVDAN, Victory everywhere!!

Reverse Inscription : Lotus flower surrounded by eight petals, each of which is inscribed with a... Lucky Symbol

Notes : This coin was first minted in 1840 to relieve the shortage of coins caused by the cessation of the minting of Qing coins in 1836. This coin continued to be used for eighty-five years, up to the ... in 1925. It was thus both the most widely circulated Tibetan coin.
The Tibet "Ga-den" Tangka was first issued in the 1840's to replace the increasingly debased Nepalese coins that were in circulation. With over a dozen major varieties and over a hundred minor varieties being produced. The coins feature a lotus blossom, surrounded by various Buddhist symbols. A laborer would be paid 2 or 3 Tangkas a day.

Desirable Genuine Old Silver Ga-Den Tanka of Tibet / Minted from 1840 Under the Authority of the 13th Dalai Lama, Thupten Gyatso / Featuring a Lotus Flower with Eight Lucky Symbols and a Spiritual Inscription... "Palace of Celestial Beatitude, Victorious on All Sides" / Large Size Denomination


Tibetan Tangka Coins

Tibet is located on the Tibetan plateau of Central Asia. It is known as 'the Land of Snows' or 'the Rooftop of the World'. To the West, Tibet has represented a forbidden land of strangers and or an exotic region of mystery. I agree that Tibet is mysterious in a way few other places are.

Coins used in Tibet were imported from Nepal during the middle of sixteenth century. Many debased silver coins were struck in Nepal and sent to Tibet. Later, the minting of adulterated coins which had been the cause of the war between Tibet and Nepal in 1791. The Eighth Dalai Lama requested the Qing Government for military help, and Nepal troop (Gurkha) was defeated by the Qing army.
According to a Chinese reference '藏學研究論叢第六輯 - Zang Xue Yan Jiu Lun Cong', (page 87, ISBN7 223 00747 8/2. 46) the Qing Government had paid 10,520,000 taels in weight of silver for the Qing troop during the war. The amount of silver was equal to one quart of the total annual income of the Qing Government at that time.

After the war, the Qing Government promulgated the new regulations '欽定藏內善後章程二十九條 - The Authorized Regulations for the Better Governing of Tibet' in 1793. This new royal decree of 29 article was published in order to strengthen the Qing Government's control over Tibet.

It is believed that Tibet had begun its own coinage probably in about 1760s. The first coin was minted by the order of Regent of the Tibet government Dican Hutuktu. As I know that the first Tibetan coin bears only the motifs of Buddhisim to assert its local origins, there is no any inscriptions on the both sides of the coin.

Some Western scholars believed that the first Tibetan mint opened in 1791, but operations were suspended two years later. In 1792, Qing government established a second mint in Lhasa to issue silver coins for the local market until 1836. But I have collected some speciments of Tibetan Tangka which denoted minting in 1791. Might be the dies had already prepared in 1791, but they were used two years later. Really, I am confused with the dating of the early Tibetan Tangkas. This can only prove that there were at least two mints existed in Tibet during the 1790's. The Tibetan silver coins normally were known as Tangkas, they were minted in Tibet during the period of 1791 to 1946. They exhibit a wide array of varieties and yet the features of Tibetan tangkas remained nearly invariable for over a century.




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Silver Tibet Tangka Antique Dalai LAMA Coin LUCKY Symbols Ancient China Tibetan

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