Silver Dragon Dollar Medal Qing Dynasty Viceroy of Liangguang - Cen

Silver Dragon Dollar Medal

Qing Dynasty


Viceroy of Guangdong and Guangxi, Cen Chunxuan



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28.8 grams; Silver 900; size: 39.8 mm


岑春煊(1903年4月18日 - 1905年7月23日)两广总督


Cen Chunxuan


Cen Chunxuan (1861 – 27 April 1933), courtesy name Yunjie, was a Zhuang Chinese politician who lived in the late Qing dynasty and Republic of China.


As the Viceroy of Guangdong and Guangxi

In 1903, Cen was appointed as the Viceroy of Guangdong and Guangxi. In the following two years, he wrote memorials to the Qing imperial court urging the Guangxu Emperor to establish a constitutional monarchy and abolish the imperial examination system. In 1906, he supported Zhang Jian and others in establishing a Shanghai-based society that advocated for the Qing Empire to be converted to a constitutional monarchy. He also sent his subordinate Zheng Xiaoxu to serve as the president of the society and became a prominent leader in the Constitutional Monarchy Movement (立憲運動).

As Cen had strong backing from Empress Dowager Cixi, he was direct in confronting corrupt officials and even wrote memorials to the imperial court to accuse them of corruption. There were two officials whom he dealt with that attracted particular attention: Pei Jingfu (裴景福) and Zhou Rongyao (周榮曜). In cracking down on corrupt officials, he offended Prince Qing, who supported the corrupt officials. He was also drawn into a political struggle when he allied with Qu Hongji, a Grand Councillor, against Prince Qing and Yuan Shikai.







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Silver Dragon Dollar Medal Qing Dynasty Viceroy of Liangguang - Cen



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