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Sichuan Province 10 cash 1st year Republic (1912) Y# 447 China Rare Brass Coin

Sichuan Province 10 cash 1st year Republic (1912) Y# 447 China Rare Brass Coin

The Republic of China
Sichuan Province 10 cash
the 1st year of the Republic (1912)

Weight: 7 grams, Size: 28 mm; Material: Brass

Sichuan Province 10 cash 1st year of the Republic (1912)


1 (1912) 年元國民華中 Y#447


CHINA. Szechuan. 10 Cash, Year 1 (1912). 中華民國元年軍政府造四川銅幣十文。


References: Y# 447a


Szechuan (Sichuan) Province is in the south central part of China, and is an important economic power in the country. The capital is Chengdu. In the early 20th Century it, along with Tibet, was made a special administrative disctrict, acknowledging the dominance of non-Han Chinese people in the region. The Szechuan mint with modern equipment opened in 1898 with machinery brought from New Jersey, USA. Another mint was opened in Chungking in 1905.

The Obverse bears six Chinese characters on the top, means this coin was minted in Szechuan Province in 1912 or the first year of the Republic of China, and a Chinese ideogram "Han" in center meaning that the Chinese have taken the place of the Manchu Government, within a linear circle. Outside are 18 circles representing 18 Provinces of China. The reverse bears a flowery ornament in center, surrounded by four Chinese characters meaning "The Copper Coin of Szechuen" within the beaded circle and two asterisks on the both side. The four Chinese characters on the top means "Made by the Military Government" and the value below the circle.

The inscriptions of this silver coin are almost the same as the above one except the coin value is one yuan. Coins of this type has the value of one yuan, five chiao, two chiao and one chiao. They are all minted as the Szechuan Tahan Military Government was founded after the success of the 1911 Revolution.



In the first year of the Republic, several provinces, among them Sichuan (Szechuan), Yunnan, Fujian (Fukien) and Hunan, minted coins independently, with their own designs.

Sichuan produced a standard design for all coins, consisting of the Chinese character for Han in a central circle, supposedly to signify that the Chinese Han people had taken back control of their country from the Manchu Qing dynasty, surrounded by eighteen small circles representing the provinces of China. This was used on silver dollars, half-dollars (5 jiao) and 20 cents (1 jiao), together with brass coins of 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10 wen (cash). A small number of other designs on the bronze coinage also date from this period.




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Sichuan Province 10 cash 1st year Republic (1912) Y# 447 China Rare Brass Coin

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