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Rare Silver Jin Kang Yuan Bao 1126 AD 2 cash China Northern Song Li Script  Anci

Rare Silver Jin Kang Yuan Bao 1126 AD 2 cash China Northern Song Li Script

Ancient CHINA

Northern Song Dynasty
Silver Proof Pattern Coin
Emperor Qinzong of Song, Jingkang Incident !
Silver 2-cash coin with the inscription Jing Kang Yuan Bao


Material: Solid Silver
Weight: 9.3 grams; Size: 29 mm
Very Attractive black silver tone, Extremely Rare!

Emperor: Qin Zong (1126-1127 A.D.)
Silver two-cash coin with the inscription Jing Kang Yuan Bao
Jingkang reign period (1126–27), Northern Song
Silver 2-cash coin

The inscription is believed to be the calligraphy of the emperor himself. The coin has a broad margin and is finely cast. It was cast during the reign of the Northern Song emperor Qinzong but, owing to the emperor being on a campaign to the northern regions for 16 months of the Jing kang period, the number of coins cast during this reign period was very small, and the subset of Jing kang tong bao coins even fewer. Hence, because of the shortness of the reign period, the small number of coins cast and the differences between the moulds, this is an extremely rare and precious piece. This already brief reign period was subdivided into periods of different lengths, the calligraphic style of the time was changeable, and coins were produced in both silver; copper and iron in several denominations, including one-, two- and three-cash, producing very distinctive coins.


Emperor Qinzong of Song

Emperor Qinzong (Emperor Chin-tsung; 23 May 1100 – 14 June 1161) was the ninth emperor of the Song Dynasty of China, and the last emperor of the Northern Song. His personal name was Zhao Huan. He reigned from January 1126 to January 1127.

The Jingkang Incident (simplified Chinese: 靖康事变; traditional Chinese: 靖康事變), the Humiliation of Jingkang (simplified Chinese: 靖康之耻; traditional Chinese: 靖康之恥), or The Disorders of the Jingkang Period (simplified Chinese: 靖康之乱; traditional Chinese: 靖康之亂) [1] took place in 1127 during the Jin-Song wars, when the invading Jurchen soldiers of the Jin Dynasty besieged and sacked Bianjing (Kaifeng), the capital of the Song Dynasty of China. The Jin forces abducted Emperor Qinzong, his father Emperor Emeritus Huizong, along with many members of the imperial court.
This ended the era known as the Northern Song Dynasty, when the Song Dynasty controlled most of China. The rest of the imperial family was forced to flee and establish a new government, now known as the Southern Song, at Lin'an, which was to become their capital. This incident is so named because this was the major incident during the short reign of Emperor Qinzong, whose era name was "Jingkang" (靖康).



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Rare Silver Jin Kang Yuan Bao 1126 AD 2 cash China Northern Song Li Script Anci

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