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Rare Kinen Sehuo, Ryukyu Kingdom (now Okinawan Japan) 1470 King Sho En

Rare Kinen Sehuo, Ryukyu Kingdom (now Okinawan Japan) 1470 King Sho En

Ryukyu Kingdom (now Okinawan in Japan)

Kin'en Sehou

King Sho En, 1470


Reference: Hartil 25.61

Weight: 5 grams; Size: 27 mm; Material: Bronze



Obv: Kin En Sei Hou


琉球王国大世主尚圓王 1470年



Sho En (尚圓)(1415–1476, r. 1470–1476) was a king of the Ryukyu Kingdom, the founder of the Second Sho Dynasty. Prior to becoming king, he was known as Kanamaru (金丸).

Shō En thus established the Second Shō Dynasty, taking on the honorary surname granted the kings of Ryukyu by Ming Dynasty (and later, Qing Dynasty) China. He also banned members of the former Shō lineage from high government office, and from marrying into the lineage of the new dynasty, and took steps to elevate the prestige of his own family. His father came to be honored as King of Izena, and a formal tomb was constructed for Shō En's parents on Izena Island. Shō En also named his sister high priestess, or "noro", of Izena; the lineage of high priestesses descended from her continued until the 20th century.

His reign marked the beginning of an institutional shift in the royal government, away from rule by a charismatic or otherwise gifted individual leader, i.e. the king, and towards a more bureaucratic system, with the king at its center.

Shō En's childhood wife is believed to have died, or otherwise separated from Kanamaru, before he rose to prominence at Shuri. He had his first son with his second wife, Yosoidon. Shō En died in 1476, after ruling for only a few years, and was succeeded by his brother Shō Sen'i, to Yosoidon's chagrin. Presently, the high priestess, daughter of the late king and Yosoidon, received a divine message indicating that Shō Sen'i should abdicate in favor of his nephew, son of Shō En, who then took the throne as Shō Shin.




The Ryukyu Kingdom (Japanese: 琉球王国 Ryūkyū Ōkoku; Okinawan: 琉球國 Ruuchuu-kuku; traditional Chinese: 琉球國; simplified Chinese: 琉球国;pinyin: Liúqiú Guó; historical English name: Lewchew, Luchu, and Loochoo) was an independent kingdom which ruled most of the Ryukyu Islands from the 15th century to the 19th century. The kings of Ryukyu unified Okinawa Island and extended the kingdom to the Amami Islands in modern-dayKagoshima Prefecture, and the Sakishima Islands near Taiwan. Despite its small size, the kingdom played a central role in the maritime trade networks of medieval East and Southeast Asia.


Seal from Qing China giving authority to the King of Ryukyu to rule.

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Rare Kinen Sehuo, Ryukyu Kingdom (now Okinawan Japan) 1470 King Sho En

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