Rare China, Republic Shansi Taiyuan Arsenal Mint 5 Cent, Year 17, 1928 KM# tn3

Rare China, Republic Shansi Taiyuan Arsenal Mint 5 Cent, Year 17, 1928 KM# tn3

Republic of China
Shansi Taiyuan, Arsenal Mint
5 Cents, Year 17, 1928

Weight: 8.2 grams, Size: 28.7 mm; Material: Brass

the Republic of China, Shansi Arsenal Mint

Obverse: Iron Blood 18-star







Edge: Smooth

References: KM# tn3

This token has always been found with small punch marks near center on obverse and reverse.




Taiyuan Arsenal

Taiyuan Arsenal was established by the Shanxi warlord, Yan Xishan. He had become the Governor-General of Shanxi province in 1912. From the outset he was very interested in building an arsenal for manufacturing weapons to equip his Army. His motto was, "Armed force is the backing of justice". Construction on his plant was begun in 1912, and it was originally named Shanxi Machinery Bureau. As it expanded, it later became known as the Shanxi Military Technology Practice Factory.

In 1923 the arsenal began making a Type 12 infantry gun, with a maximum range of 5,000 meters. In 1925, they began making a Type 14 infantry howitzer. Both were designed for mountain warfare. They also were able to set up production of copies of a German 105 mm heavy mountain gun and 88 mm field gun. When the war with Japan began they had produced 24 heavy mountain guns and 24 field guns to replace the heavy losses during combat to the Japanese forces.

In 1926, the Arsenal at Taiyuan had produced 1500 rifles, 500 Mauser type Broom handle Military Pistols, 300 mortars, mortar shells, hand grenades and three million rounds of ammunition per month with foreign technicians, assisted by American trained Chinese, supervising and training 8,000 Chinese workers.

By 1930, it had 3,800 pieces of machinery and 15,000 workers and technicians. The plant was fully capable of producing not only pistols, rifles, and submachine guns, but also heavy machine guns, mortars, cannons, grenades, and other items. Taiyuan Arsenal was a major producer of both the ZB vz. 26 light machine guns and Thompson submachine guns.




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Rare China, Republic Shansi Taiyuan Arsenal Mint 5 Cent, Year 17, 1928 KM# tn3