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Qing Dynasty Emperor Guang Xu, Dragon Copper 10 Cash 1906 Jiangnan Province Nanj

Qing Dynasty
Guang Xu, Dragon Copper 10 Cash

1906 甯 丙 午 Jiangnan, Nanjing


Authenticity guaranteed!

Reign title: Guang Xu, AD 1875-1908

NOTE: date is on the top at 1 o'clock and a half and 10 o'clock and a half, respectively. The mintmark is in the middle.

午 丙

部 幣  銅 戶


造 年 緒 光

Edge: Plain

This 10 cash Jiangnan Dragon copper Circular coin was issued in 1906 with the sexagenary year written in Chinese "Ping Wu" on the obverse. A Chinese character "Ning" meaning Jiangnan Province inscribed in center, surrounded by Chinese (Great Ch'ing copper Coin) within beaded circle. 2 Chinese characters "HU POO" (Board of Revenue) on each side of the center in the outer circle, the Emperor's reign title in four Manchu characters with two Chinese characters denoting the sexagenary year of the issue above, and Chinese (Equivalent to 10 Cash) below. On the reverse is a new design dragon [known as Tai Ch'ing Ti Kuo Dragon] emblem in center with a seven-flames pearl, surrounded by stylized clouds within beaded circle; above in outer circle, Chinese means made in the Reign of Kuang Hsu, below English "TAI-CHING-TI-KUO COPPER COIN". TI-KUO means empires.

In 1905 China carried out a coinage reform which standardized the designs of copper coins. All mints were ordered to use the same obverse and reverse designs, but to place a mint mark in the center of the obverse. - page 318, S.C.O.W.C. 18th Edition.





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Qing Dynasty Emperor Guang Xu, Dragon Copper 10 Cash 1906 Jiangnan Province Nanj

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