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Qian Sheng Yuan Bao 100 Cash Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms You Zhou Liu Shouguang 900-14 AD

The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
You Zhou Autonomous Region (900-14 AD)
bronze, Qian Sheng Yuan Bao
Bai, value 100 Cash

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Weight: 11 grams; Size: 33.5 mm; Material: bronze

Obverse: 乾聖元寳 Qian Sheng Yuan Bao

Reverse: 百 value hundred


You Zhou Autonomous Region (900-14)

From 822, the You Zhou (within modern Hebei) area enjoyed virtual independence from the rest of the empire. At the end of the ninth century the Regional Commandant of You Zhou was Liu Rengong, succeeded by his son Liu Shouguang from 911. The histories say that Liu Rengong minted iron coins. He is also said to have ordered his subordinates to collect up all [old?] bronze coins and bring them to Da An mountain where he buried them in a cave. When they had all been hidden away, he killed the workmen and covered over the entrance. The coins below have been found together in the north of China. Opinion on their attribution is divided. Although Yong An was a Xia dynasty period title, these coins appear to be the result of unregulated minting, which seems appropriate for the regime of the Liu family.



Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period


Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (simplified Chinese: 五代十国; traditional Chinese: 五代十國; pinyin: Wǔdài Shíguó) was an era of political upheaval in China from 907–960/979 CE, between the fall of the Tang dynasty and the founding of the Song. During this period, five dynasties quickly succeeded one another in the north, and more than twelve independent states were established, mainly in the south. Only ten are traditionally listed, hence the era's name, "Ten Kingdoms"; some historians, such as Bo Yang, count eleven, including Yan and Qi but not the Northern Han, viewing it as simply a continuation of Later Han. This era also led to the founding of the Liao dynasty in the north.





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Qian Sheng Yuan Bao 100 Cash Five Dynasties Ten Kingdoms You Zhou Liu Shouguang