Qian Long Tong Bao Large Palace Coin Fu Shou Tong Tian " World peace" 1735-96 AD

Qing Dynasty
The Qianlong Emperor 1761 AD
Large Palace Coin
Rev: Fu Shou Tong Tian, which means: " World peace" in English

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The Qianlong Emperor 1711 – 1799 AD
18.8 grams; 39 mm; Material: Brass

天 同


Tianxia Taiping Coins.

These coins have on the reverse: 福壽同天 Fu Shou Tong Tian (Heaven below Great Peace - Peace on Earth), and the period titles, Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Xianfeng, Tongzhi, Guangxu or Xuantong on the obverse combined with tong bao, or occasionally zhong bao.

The Register of Large Cash says: " These coins were used for presentation in the Palace of Ancestral Worship, each wrapped in a piece of rectangular cloth. Each time an Emperor ascended to his ancestors (died), they were replaced with newly cast coins."

Some of these are clearly of Board of Revenue manufacture.



The Qianlong Emperor

The Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 – 7 February 1799), formerly romanized as the Chien-lung Emperor, was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. Born as Hongli (formerly Hung-li), the fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor, he reigned officially from 11 October 1735 to 8 February 1796.1 On 8 February, he abdicated in favor of his son, the Jiaqing Emperor – a filial act in order not to reign longer than his grandfather, the illustrious Kangxi Emperor.[1] Despite his retirement, however, he retained ultimate power until his death in 1799. Although his early years saw the continuation of an era of prosperity in China, his final years saw troubles at home and abroad converge on the Qing Empire.



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Qian Long Tong Bao Large Palace Coin Fu Shou Tong Tian " World peace" 1735-96 AD



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