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Original Lustre Rare C type Dragon Silver Dragon Dollar 1911 Xuan Tong Year 3

Silver Dragon Dollar 1911

3rd year of the rule of Xuan Tong

Qing Empire Dollar Year 3 (1911)

Rare C type dragon

Weight: 26.88 grams; Size: 39.2 mm; Material: Silver

.900 fine silver, .778 troy oz ASW.

The most famous Chinese silver dollar from the late Qing era is most likely the Y3 1 silver dollar, colloquially referred to as ?#23459;三?in China. It was minted in 1911 (3rd year of the rule of Xuan Tong) at the Central Mint in Tianjin. It was the last imperial coin issued before the regime was toppled by the Xinhai revolution. The design of this Chinese silver dollar is considered by many collectors to be the most beautiful, and it is also the only imperial Chinese coin bearing the ?b>ONE DOLLAR?face value to have been circulated. While not rare by any measure, the Y3 1 dollar has seen its market value rise steeply in recent years due this popularity.

Empire. Dollar Year 3 (1911) A superb example with satiny gray and patina surfaces. Extremely rare in this superior quality and a coin with exceptional eye appeal. The nicest example of this type we have seen. This type was struck over a period of years at several mints and it is listed as common but choice examples are, as always, scarce. The Chinese Empire collapsed the following year, in 1912.




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Original Lustre Rare C type Dragon Silver Dragon Dollar 1911 Xuan Tong Year 3

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  • Authentic Chinese Coin!

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