Off-Center Mint error Y# 348 1940 Dr. Sun Yi-Sen, Nickel 5 Cents Republi

Off-Center Mint error Y# 348 1940 Dr. Sun Yi-Sen, Nickel 5 Cents Republic China

Republic of China

Off-Center Minting error
1940 Dr. Sun, Yi-Sen, Nickel 5 Cents

Catalog Number: Y# 348

Weight: 3 grams, Size: 18.5 mm; Material: Nickel

Off-Center Minting error; 10% off-center



Portrait of Dr. Sun, Yi-Sen, text "Republic of China,
year XX" (Year 1 = 1911, end of the Chinese empire)

Lettering: 年 九 十 二 國 民 華 中


Ancient Spade money Wen Bei


分 五


Catalog Number: Y# 348




As part of their Fa Bi (Legal tender) reforms of 1936 the Nationalist Government introduced a series of small denomination coins at a new mint set up in Shanghai, in nickel or cupro-nickel and copper, which continued to be minted until 1942-1943. The cupro-nickel coins except for the smallest denomination, the 5 fen, had the portrait of Sun Yat-sen on the obverse and a representation of an ancient spade coin (pu) on the reverse together with the value in Chinese characters. The copper coins had an obverse design of the Chinese national sun emblem, also with a pu reverse and the denomination.

The initial series comprised 20 fen, 10 fen, 5 fen in cupro-nickel and a one fen and half fen in copper. The half fen coin was discontinued after the first issue, but a small brass 2 fen coin was added in 1939 and a half dollar (50 fen) cupro-nickel in 1941. The 1 fen coin was changed to a smaller brass coin in 1939 and then to an Aluminum coin in 1940. The 5 fen also became an Aluminum coin during the same year. The weight of the 10 fen coin was reduced in 1940 and when the 20 fen coin was minted again in 1942 it was also at a reduced weight.





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Off-Center Mint error Y# 348 1940 Dr. Sun Yi-Sen, Nickel 5 Cents Republi



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