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Large 200 Cash Henan Honan Province Republic China

Republic of China

Henan Province

Large 200 Cash

Authenticity guaranteed!

Weight: 27.5 grams, Size: 41.7 mm; Material: Copper

The Republic of China, Henan Mint



the twelve rays of the white Sun

年 十 二 國 民 華 中

造 省 南 河

Two Wreath of Wheat


元銅 文百貳當

Edge: Smooth




References: Y# 398


The Republic were most successful and achieved the greatest standardisation with the production of the 20 and 10 cash coins from 1912 onwards, marked with their value and THE REPUBLIC OF CHINA. The design bore the crossed flags of the Republic and the striped flag of the army. These were also minted in the provinces under the control of the various warlords.



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Large 200 Cash Henan Honan Province Republic China

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