Ki-tan Tartar Later Liao Dynasty, Tian Wei Tong Bao, 1216 AD 3 Cash Coin Ki-tan

Ki-tan Tartar Later Liao Dynasty, Tian Wei Tong Bao, 1216 AD 3 Cash Coin

Ki-tan Tartar Later Liao Dynasty

Tian Wei Tong Bao, 1216 AD


Yelü Sibu (耶律廝不) Tianwei (天威) 1216

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29.7 mm; 9.6 grams; Material: Bronze

Tian Wei Tong Bao, 916-22 AD




金貞祐元年(公元1213年),耶律留哥在蒙古軍援助下建立東遼政權並自稱遼王。繼而敗金宣撫蒲鮮萬奴所率四十萬大軍,盡有遼東州郡。又於貞佑三年(公元1215年)敗金左副元帥移剌都,攻克金東京(今遼寧遼陽)。其弟耶律廝不等部屬勸留哥稱帝,擺脫蒙古控制,留哥不從,與子往朝成吉思汗。成吉思汗仍封留哥為遼王,命其繼續統領部眾。但成吉思汗不滿耶律留哥的副手可特哥娶蒲鮮萬奴之妻,打算向可特哥問罪。可特哥懼,與耶律廝不等人宣布留哥已死,舉兵背叛。1216年初,耶律廝不殺死了蒙古300使者,在澄州(今遼寧海城)稱帝,國號遼,改元「天威」,史稱後遼。此後不久,耶律廝不被部下所殺,眾推耶律乞奴為監國,改元「天佑」。同年秋,木華黎率蒙古軍東下,乞奴等不敵,率九萬契丹部眾越過鴨綠江進入高麗境內。在高麗,又發生內訌,耶律金山殺耶律 乞奴,自稱遼王,改元「天德」。1217年,耶律統古與復殺耶律金山,取而代之。1218年,耶律喊舍又殺耶律統古與而自立。公元1219年正月,耶律留哥與蒙古、東夏聯軍攻克了喊舍的老巢——高麗的江東城,耶律喊舍自縊身亡,五萬餘名後遼降軍多歸耶律留哥統轄。後遼滅亡。





Later Liao

Later Liao (simplified Chinese: 后辽; traditional Chinese: 後遼; pinyin: Hòu Liáo) was a short-lived dynastic regime in Northeast China that existed between 1216 and 1219. It was ruled by the House of Yelü and was the last regime that sought to revive the Liao dynasty in China (the Eastern Liao had by this time become a vassal of the Mongol Empire).

In 1213, Yelü Liuge proclaimed the Eastern Liao after rebelling against the Jin dynasty. His pro-Mongol policy caused a split within the Eastern Liao court, eventually resulting in Yelü Sibu (the younger brother of Yelü Liuge) declaring himself emperor of an independent regime with the official dynastic title "Liao" (Chinese: 遼), known in retrospect as "Later Liao" (Chinese: 後遼).[2] Not long after proclaiming himself emperor, Yelü Sibu was killed. The premier Yelü Qinu was made regent.[3]

After suffering military defeat by the Jin dynasty, Yelü Qinu escaped and was subsequently killed by Yelü Jinshan. Yelü Jinshan ascended to the Later Liao throne in Goryeo. In 1217, Goryeo forces defeated Yelü Jinshan and forced him to abscond.

Yelü Jinshan's successor, Yelü Tong'guyu, was killed by Yelü Hanshe not long after becoming the ruler of Later Liao. As infighting erupted within Later Liao, an allied forces of Eastern Liao, the Mongol Empire and Goryeo encircled Later Liao. In 1219, Yelü Hanshe committed suicide in the aftermath of Later Liao's defeat, marking the end of the short-lived dynasty.[2] The territories once held by Later Liao were re-incorporated into Eastern Liao.


The only Later Liao monarch to use the title of emperor was Yelü Sibu. All subsequent rulers assumed the title of king.

Personal name Era name Reign Reference
Yelü Sibu (耶律廝不) Tianwei (天威) 1216  
Yelü Qinu (耶律乞奴)1 Tianyou (天佑) 1216
Yelü Jinshan (耶律金山) Tiande (天德) 1216–1217
Yelü Tongguyu (耶律統古與)   1217–1218
Yelü Hanshe (耶律喊舍)   1218–1219






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Ki-tan Tartar Later Liao Dynasty, Tian Wei Tong Bao, 1216 AD 3 Cash Coin Ki-tan