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Hartill 9.15 Yao Quan Value Ten, Wang Mang 9-10 AD Xin Dynasty Baby Coin 10 Cash


Wang Mang Xin Dynasty Yao Qian 10, 9-14 AD

Yao Quan Yi Shi (Chinese: 么泉一十; literally: "Baby Coin, Ten")


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Reference: Hartill 9.15

Weight: 2 grams; Size: 16.6 mm

Value: 10 Cash

    十        一


The Six Coins. AD 9-14.

  • Xiao Quan Zhi Yi (Chinese: 小泉直一; pinyin: xiǎoquán zhí yī; literally: "Small Coin, Value One")

  • Yao Quan Yi Shi (Chinese: 么泉一十; pinyin: yǎo quán yīshí; literally: "Baby Coin, Ten")

  • You Quan Er Shi (Chinese: 幼泉二十; pinyin: yòu quán èrshí; literally: "Juvenile Coin, Twenty")

  • Zhong Quan San Shi (Chinese: 中泉三十; pinyin: zhōng quán sānshí; literally: "Middle Coin, Thirty")

  • Zhuang Quan Si Shi (Chinese: 壯泉四十; pinyin: zhuàng quán sìshí; literally: "Adult Coin, Forty")

  • Da Quan Wu Shi (Chinese: 大泉五十; pinyin: dàquán wǔshí) is a round coin with a nominal value of fifty Wu Zhu.


Wang Mang was a nephew of the Dowager Empress Wang, In AD 9, he usurped the throne, and founded the Xin Dynasty. He introduced a number of currency reforms which met with varying degrees of success. The first reform, in AD 7, retained the Wu Zhu coin, but reintroduced two versions of the knife money.

Between AD 9 and 10 he introduced an impossibly complex system involving tortoise shell, cowries, gold, silver, six round copper coins, and a reintroduction of the spade money in ten denominations.





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Hartill 9.15 Yao Quan Value Ten, Wang Mang 9-10 AD Xin Dynasty Baby Coin 10 Cash

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