Hartill 9.1 Four Corner Coin Da Quan Wu Shi Large Coin 50 Cash Wang Mang Xin Dyn

Hartill 9.1 Four Corner Coin Da Quan Wu Shi Large Coin 50 Cash Wang Mang Xin Dynasty 7AD


Wang Mang Xin Dynasty

Four Corner Coin, Da Quan Wu Shi = Large Coin of 50 Cash 7-14 AD


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Reference: Hartill 9.6 - Lines Radiating from corners of hole. 四出

Size: 26.6 mm Weight: 6.3 grams, Bronze

Obverse: Da Quan Wu Shi = Large Coin of 50 Cash, Value: 50 Cash

Reverse: Lines Radiating from corners of hole.



is an example of a Da Quan 50 that has four oblique lines extending outward from each corner of the hole to the rim on the reverse side. In Chinese, this is referred to as si chu (四出). Si (四) means "four" and chu (出) means "going out". The coin is also known as a "corner coin" (jiao qian 角钱). Cities in ancient China had walls built around them as a means of protection. It is said that the square hole of this coin represented the city and that the four lines going out represented wealth flowing out, portending the fall of the Han Dynasty in 220 AD. The rays extending from the inner rims on these coins are said to represent the four walls of a city. As of yet, we can find no reason to assume this is true. The use of rays radiating from the central hole, but with varying numbers of them, also occur on the Huo Quan and Bu Quan coins of Wang Mang.


The Six Coins. AD 9-14.

  • Xiao Quan Zhi Yi (Chinese: 小泉直一; literally: "Small Coin, Value One")
  • Yao Quan Yi Shi (Chinese: 么泉一十; literally: "Baby Coin, Ten")

  • You Quan Er Shi (Chinese: 幼泉二十; literally: "Juvenile Coin, Twenty")

  • Zhong Quan San Shi (Chinese: 中泉三十; literally: "Middle Coin, Thirty")

  • Zhuang Quan Si Shi (Chinese: 壯泉四十; literally: "Adult Coin, Forty")

  • Da Quan Wu Shi (Chinese: 大泉五十; ) is a round coin with a nominal value of fifty Wu Zhu.


Wang Mang was a nephew of the Dowager Empress Wang, In AD 9, he usurped the throne, and founded the Xin Dynasty. He introduced a number of currency reforms which met with varying degrees of success. The first reform, in AD 7, retained the Wu Zhu coin, but reintroduced two versions of the knife money:


According to the History of Han:

The people became bewildered and confused, and these coins did not circulate. They secretly used Wu Zhu coins for their purchases. Wang Mang was very concerned at this and issued the following decree:

Those who dare to oppose the court system and those who dare to use Wu Zhus surreptitiously to deceive the people and equally the spirits will all be exiled to the Four Frontiers and be at the mercy of devils and demons.?

The result of this was that trade and agriculture languished, and food became scarce. People went about crying in the markets and the highways, the numbers of sufferers being untold.





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Hartill 9.1 Four Corner Coin Da Quan Wu Shi Large Coin 50 Cash Wang Mang Xin Dyn