Hartill 25.4 Vietnam Annam Restoration Wei Xin 1907 Duy Tan Thong Bao 10 Cash

Imperial Vietnam Dynasty

Annam Wei Xin 1907-1916 AD

Duy Tan Thong Bao, 10 Cash

Duy Tan 維新, Restoration in English


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Reference: Hartill 25.41

Annam 1907-1916 AD


Duy Tan Thong Bao ( Wei Xin Tong Bao) which means: Restoration

Rev: means: Ten Cash


No. a14. (Barker: 108.1-108.5)
Obverse: 維新通寶 Duy-Tan-Thong-Bao.
Reverse: 十文 Tap-Van. Copper alloy.
References: Yeoman #3, Novak #308, Lecompte #24

The coins were cast by Emperor Nguyen Duy Tan under the reign title Duy Tan.


VIETNAM - the nation is located in Southeast Asia west of the South China Sea. The word VIET means 'to traverse' or 'the name of a group of people lived in the delta of Hong river'. The word NAM means 'the South'. VIETNAM means 'to traverse to the South' or 'the Viet people in the South'. Vietnam has its country name changed throughout its history as follows.
The coins listed below are only the imperial Vietnamese copper issues in the Chinese cash style.
Coins with one of the listed below legends, made from non-copper metal, are non-regular issues (for example, common Minh Mang zinc coin). Also exists a lot of non-regular legends of copper coins.
All non-regular issues will be the subject of future investigations.





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Hartill 25.4 Vietnam Annam Restoration Wei Xin 1907 Duy Tan Thong Bao 10 Cash



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