Hartill 25.19 Rare Large Vietnam Doan Khanh Thong Bao 1505-10 Duan Qing Tong Bao

Imperial Vietnam Dynasty

Annam Duan Qing
Doan Khanh Thong Bao


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Reference: Hartill 25.19

Annam A.D. 1505-1510

Obv: Doan Khanh Thong Bao ( Duan Qing Tong Bao)



Lê Nghi Dân (黎宜民) Lê Uy Mục 黎威穆 - 端慶

Lê Uy Mục (chữ Hán: 黎威穆; 5 May 1488 – 1 December 1509) also called Lê Tuấn (黎濬) was the eighth emperor of the later Lê dynasty of Vietnam. He was ruthless, unpopular, and finally assassinated by his cousin who took the name Lê Tương Dực as the next emperor.[1]

VIETNAM - the nation is located in Southeast Asia west of the South China Sea. The word VIET means 'to traverse' or 'the name of a group of people lived in the delta of Hong river'. The word NAM means 'the South'. VIETNAM means 'to traverse to the South' or 'the Viet people in the South'. Vietnam has its country name changed throughout its history as follows.


Map of Vietnam showing the conquest of the south (the Nam Tiến) Light green conquered by Le Thanh Tong.





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