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Hartill 25.13 Imperial Vietnam Dynasty Annam Dai Hoa Thong Bao 1443-1453 AD  Imp

Hartill 25.13 Imperial Vietnam Dynasty Annam Dai Hoa Thong Bao 1443-1453 AD

Imperial Vietnam Dynasty

Annam Dai Hoa Thong Bao

Da He Tong Bao 1443-1453 AD


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Reference: Hartill 25.13

Dai Hoa Thong Bao 1443-1453 AD

Obv: Dai Hoa Thong Bao

Weight: 3.3 grams; Size: 24.3 mm; Bronze




Lê Nhân Tông

Lê Nhân Tông (1441–1459) was king of Vietnam from 1453 till his murder in a coup. He was a grandson of the hero-king Le Loi. During nearly all of his short reign, the real power behind the throne was his mother, Nguyen Thi Anh.

It is unknown why a 12-year-old boy was formally given the power of government since ancient custom said power could only be given when a boy became a man at the age of 16. It may have been done to remove the Empress Nguyen Thi Anh from power, but if that was the reason, it failed, the boy's mother still controlled the government up until the coup of 1459.
In 1459, Le Nhan Tong's older brother, Nghi Dân, plotted with a group of officials to kill the king. On October 28, the plotters with some 100 "shiftless men" entered into the palace and killed the king (he was just 18). The next day, facing certain execution, his mother, Anh, was killed by a loyal servant.
So ended the nearly 20-year period when Vietnam was essentially ruled by a woman. Later Vietnamese histories offered two different pictures of this time, one court historian said this was a period of benevolent rule, with harmony in the court and idyllic peace in the land. Another history says the court was in chaos and that having a woman rule the state was as unnatural as "a hen crowing at daybreak". Good counselors like Trinh Kha had been removed from office and dolts had been elevated, bringing oppression and calamity to Vietnam.
Nghi Dân would not long enjoy his rule, he was removed from power and killed in a counter-coup just 9 months later. The next king of Vietnam was the last son of Le Thai Tong: Le Thanh Tong, perhaps the greatest king in Vietnamese history.



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Hartill 25.13 Imperial Vietnam Dynasty Annam Dai Hoa Thong Bao 1443-1453 AD Imp

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