Hartill 22.951 Rare Copper 500 Cash Xian Feng Yuan Bao Shaanxi Mint in Xian 1854

Qing Dynasty

Xian Feng Yuan Bao, AE 500 cash, 1854

Bao Shan, Shaanxi Mint, in Xi'an

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Reference: Hartill 22.951

Weight: 155 grams; Size: 66 mm; Material: Red Copper

Early thick type

Obv: Xian Feng Yuan Bao

Rev: Manchurian inscription "Bao Shan"

Shanxi, Xi'an Mint

Dang 500 - equal to 500 cash value



ᠪᠣᠣ ᡧᠠᠨ




The Xianfeng Emperor

The Xianfeng Emperor (simplified Chinese: 咸丰帝; traditional Chinese: 咸豐帝; 17 July 1831 – 22 August 1861), personal name I-ju (or Yizhu), was the ninth Emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the seventh Qing emperor to rule over