Hartill 22.87 Kang Xi Tong Bao, Board of Revenue mint Small 7 cent coin 1680 AD

CHINA, Kang Xi Tong Bao 
Board of Revenue mint
Small 7 cent (fen 七分) coin, 1680-1690 AD


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Reference: Hartill 22.87

Weight: 3.3 grams; Size: 23 mm

Small crude coin, two dot tong, nominal weight 0.7 qian (7 fen) 1680-1690 AD

(Board of Revenue mint).

The Manchu mint name translates to Pao-Ch'uan, or "The Fountain head of the Currency".

Rev: Manchurian Bao Quan

ᠪᠣᠣ ᠴᡳᠣᠸᠠᠨ


You may notice that parts of this charm have a red tinge. Red is considered a very auspicious color by the Chinese who like to enhance the amuletic effect of charms with the addition of red paint 朱砂.


AD 1662-1722

reign title: K'ANG-HSI, AD 1662-1722

PRIMARY SERIES (AD 1662-1722): The two principal mints in Peking have have "BOO" on the left, and the mint name on the right, both in Manchu script. All other mints have the mint name twice, in Manchu on the left and Chinese on the right. The size of these coins vary significantly from coin to coin. Please note that we are currently up grading this section, and for those coins for which we indicated "value not yet determined", they are not necessarily scarce and we will be adding the values in the not too distant future (a few of them are rare).


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Hartill 22.87 Kang Xi Tong Bao, Board of Revenue mint Small 7 cent coin 1680 AD



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