Hartill 22.654 Dao Guang Tong Bao Year 8 Xinjiang 10 Red Cash Aksu Mint : ئاقسۇ‎


Qing Dynasty

Dao Guang Tong Bao, 8th Year (1828 AD)

Rev: Manchurian inscription "Aksu" Urgur: ئاقسۇ‎

Xinjiang Aksu Mint : ئاقسۇ‎ !

年八 十 means: Year 8, One Coin Value 10 Cash


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Reference: Hartill 22.654

Material: Red Copper
Weight: 4.4 grams; Size: 26.8 mm


The value Ten coin was introduced in 1828 to overcome the shortage of coins for army pay. This was effectively a devaluation, as the Value Ten coins were to weigh only 1 qian 5 fen. In practice they passed as two cash, and the Value Five coin introduced the next year passed as one cash, The 十 character came to be taken as a sign of authenticity rather than an indication of value.



Red Cash was a special currency, because it was made of pure copper with Urgur and Han inscriptions on the reverse. During the later period of Qing Dynasty, some of the red cash were inscribed with Manchu scripts on the reverse too. Actually, Sinkiang Standard Cash of IIi Mint and Tihwa Mint were made of copper, present Chinese collectors accustomed to call them "Red Cash" too.



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Hartill 22.654 Dao Guang Tong Bao Year 8 Xinjiang 10 Red Cash Aksu Mint : ئاقسۇ‎



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