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Hartill 22.469 Jia Qing Tong Bao, 29.5 mm Unusual Large Palace Coin Beijing

Hartill 22.469 Jia Qing Tong Bao 29.5 mm, Unusual Large Palace Coin Beijing Board of Revenue Mint


Qing Dynasty

Jia Qing Tong Bao, Unusual Large Palace Coin

Rev: Manchurian inscription "Bao Quan"
Beijing Board of Revenue Mint !

Authenticity guaranteed for all items!

Reference: Hartill 22.469

Weight: 9 grams; Size: 29.5 mm; Brass

Unusual Large Palace Coin

ᠪᠣᠣ     ᠴᡳᠣᠸᠠᠨ

Manchurian inscription "Bao Quan"

Board of Revenue Mint



Palace Coins

Large coins, diameter over 27 mm, weight 5-7 grams

These were introduced in 1752 for use in the Palace by the guards and eunuchs. Their official weight was 1.6 qian. Their alloy was high quality brass composed of 60% copper and 40% zinc. In popular speech they were known as Gua Deng Qian (lamp hanging money) or Huang Gaizi (yellow covers).



Jiaqing Emperor

The Jiaqing Emperor (Chinese: 嘉慶帝; pinyin: Jiāq靚g D? Wade朑iles: Chia1-ch'ing4 Ti4; Mongolian: Sayishiyaltu Yirugertu Khaan, 13 November 1760 ? 2 September 1820), personal name Aisin Gioro Yongyan, was the seventh emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty, and the fifth Qing emperor to rule over China from 1796 to 1820. He was the son of the Qianlong Emperor. During his reign, he prosecuted Heshen, the corrupt favourite of his father, and attempted to restore order within the Qing Empire and curb the smuggling of opium into China.



Jiaqing Emperor


9 February 1796 ?2 September 1820






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Hartill 22.469 Jia Qing Tong Bao, 29.5 mm Unusual Large Palace Coin Beijing

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