Hartill 22.1516 Large type Xuan Tong The last Emperor Puyi Bao Quan Beijing Mint


Qing Dynasty

Xuan Tong Tong Bao

The last Emperor PUYE 1909 AD

Rev: Manchurian inscription " Bao Quan "

Large Palace Coin, Beijing Board of Revenue mint !

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Reference: Hartill 22.1516 Large Coin North branch mint

Weight: 5.9 grams; Size: 24.7 mm


Palace Coins Large coins, diameter over 24 mm, weight 5-7 grams

These were introduced in 1909 for use in the Palace by the guards and eunuchs. Their official weight was 1.6 qian. Their alloy was high quality brass composed of 60% copper and 40% zinc. In popular speech they were known as Gua Deng Qian (lamp hanging money) or Huang Gaizi (yellow covers).


Obverse: Hsuan-T'ung type.

Reverse: "BOO" on the left and "CIOWAN" (Board of Revenue mint) on the right.

Normally seen nearly "as cast" but are normally roughly finished.


The use of cast cash coinage all but came to an an end shortly after 1912, so these Hsuan-T'ung coins saw little use and are normally seen in a grade of XF to near mint state condition with clear original file marks. Coins appearing to grading F or VF are usually just poor castings rather than worn coins.


Emperor PUYE
AD 1909-1912

Puye was the last emperor of China. He was only three years old when he come to the throne, then was forced to abdicate to the forces of the Republic 1912, but continued to live in the Imperial palace until 1924. In 1932 when the Japanese made him president of Manchukuo, and then changed his title to Emperor of Manchukuo in 1934, with reign title: K'ANG-TE.



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Hartill 22.1516 Large type Xuan Tong The last Emperor Puyi Bao Quan Beijing Mint



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