Hartill 22.1226 Sinkiang Standard Cash of IIi Mint, Tong Zhi Tong Bao China 1861

Hartill 22.1226 Sinkiang Standard Cash of IIi Mint, Tong Zhi Tong Bao China 1861 AD

Tong Zhi Tong Bao, 1861-1874 AD

Sinkiang Standard Cash of IIi Mint, Rare

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Reference: Hartill 22.1226

Weight: 6.8 grams; Size: 26 mm; Material: Brass

Reign title: Tong Zhi, 1861-74

Obv: Tong Zhi Tong Bao

Rev: Manchurian inscription: Bao Yi
Ili, Xinjiang mint

ᠪᠣᡠ ᡳ


Xingjiang Ili Mint

The mint opened in 1775, with 2 furnaces casting 1200, and later 1700 string a year. Ili should have followed the standard regulations. The coin weight was 1.2 qian, but the alloy presents problems:

The Military Governor memorialised: Ili does not usually produce copper. Each year it levies taxes in kind of red copper for which the price is about 4 qian 8 fen a jin. it also collects lead from the mines, for which the price is about 4 qian a jin. For the copper and lead to cast about 1000 strings, 2 liang 8 qian of silver is needed. However, Ili does not take any action to buy up zinc. It would be necessary to transport this from Hankou in Hubei via Xi'an in Shaanxi. We find that the porterage costs for this are somewhat heavy. Now, if we take copper of a hard nature, and lead of a stiffness nature, and add a small amount of tin, this will serve the purpose for casting the rim and hole. Therefore, we will use an alloy of 70% copper, 29% lead, and 1% tin. The overseer reports that a trial casting gives in general coins of an appearance equivalent to regulation coins.

The Qianlong Emperor (25 September 1711 ?7 February 1799), formerly romanized as the Chien-lung Emperor, was the sixth emperor of the Manchu-led Qing Dynasty, and the fourth Qing emperor to rule over China proper. Born as Hongli (formerly Hung-li), the fourth son of the Yongzheng Emperor, he reigned officially from 11 October 1735 to 8 February 1796.1 On 8 February, he abdicated in favor of his son, the Jiaqing Emperor ?a filial act in order not to reign longer than his grandfather, the illustrious Kangxi Emperor. Despite his retirement, however, he retained ultimate power until his death in 1799. Although his early years saw the continuation of an era of prosperity in China, his final years saw troubles at home and abroad converge on the Qing Empire.


Emperor MU TSUNG
AD 1861-1874

T'ung Chih also issued some larger denomination coins in both brass and copper, in 4, 5 and 10 cash denominations. The 4 and 5 cash are rare and seldom seen, but the 10 cash turn up fairly often.


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Hartill 22.1226 Sinkiang Standard Cash of IIi Mint, Tong Zhi Tong Bao China 1861