Hartill 21.85 Ming Rebellion Wu San Gui, Li Yong Tong Bao, 1674-77 AD

ANCIENT CHINA Ming Rebellion
Wu San Gui
Reign title: LI-YUNG, AD 1674-1677
Li Yong Tong Bao, 1 cash

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Reference: Hartill 21.85

Weight: 4 grams; Size: 24 mm; Brass

Li Yong Tong Bao

Obverse: "LI-YUNG T'UNG PAO".


WU SAN-KUEI AD 1674-1678

Wu San-kuei was a commander in the Ming army, but was born a Manchurian. When his father was killed, and favorite concubine taken by Li Tzu-ch'eng, he responded by giving his allegiance to the Ching, and taking Peking for them by defeating Li Tzu-ch'eng.

Wu San-kuei remained an advisor to the nine year old Shun Chih from the time he became Emperor of the Ching dynasty in 1644 until Shun Chih was able to rule for himself in1651. As a reward, he was made the ruler of the semi-autonomous province of Yunnan, where he used the title Li-yung, and his son was allows to marry a sister of Shun Chih.

In AD 1673, Wu San-kuei and four other generals, each holding similar positions in Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Fukien and Szechuan, rebelled against the Ching dynasty. He declared himself emperor in 1674, and continued using the reign title Li-yung until 1678 when he changed it to Chao-wu. The Ching moved against them, but the rebellion was successful until the death of Wu San-kuei in 1678. The rebellion came to an end with the suicide, in 1681, of his grandson (Schjoth says his son), Wu Shih-fan.

It is unlikely that any coins were cast by Wu San-kuei until after the start of the rebellion.





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Hartill 21.85 Ming Rebellion Wu San Gui, Li Yong Tong Bao, 1674-77 AD