Hartill 20.233 RARE! Ming Dynasty Large Tian Qi 10 cash Zhen Mint 1605 AD

Hartill 20.233 RARE! Ming Dynasty Large Tian Qi 10 cash Zhen Mint 1605 AD

ANCIENT CHINA Ming Dynasty Large Tian Qi 10 cash

Mint: "Zhen"; very rare! Ten Cash

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Reference: Hartill 20.233

Weight: 25.7 grams; Size: 41.7 mm; Brass




Emperor HSI TSUNG AD 1621-1627

reign title: T'IEN-CH'I, AD 1621-1627

Large 10 Cash Coin

Obverse: T'IEN-CH'I T'UNG-PAO.

Reverse: "SHIH" (10) at the bottom, and mint "Zhen"


Tianqi Emperor

The Tianqi Emperor (23 December 1605 – 30 September 1627), personal name Zhu Youxiao, was the 15th emperor of the Ming dynasty of China, reigning from 1620–1627.[1] He was the eldest son of the Taichang Emperor and a brother of the Chongzhen Emperor, who succeeded him. "Tianqi", the era name of his reign, means "heavenly opening".

Zhu Youxiao became emperor at the age of 15, following the death of his father, the Taichang Emperor, who ruled less than a month.[2] He did not pay much attention to state affairs, and was accused of failing in his filial duties to his late father by not continuing the latter's wishes. It is possible that Zhu Youxiao suffered from a learning disability or something more. He was illiterate[2] and showed no interest in his studies. However, he was an outstanding carpenter and craftsman, often spending vast amounts of time on woodworking and instructing his servants to sell his creations undercover on the market just to see how much they were worth.
Because the Tianqi Emperor was unable to read court memorials and uninterested in state affairs, the court eunuch Wei Zhongxian,[1] and the emperor's wet nurse Madam Ke seized power and controlled the Ming imperial court, with the Tianqi Emperor as merely a puppet ruler.[2] The Tianqi Emperor apparently devoted his time to carpentry.[1] Wei Zhongxian took advantage of the situation and began appointing the people he trusted to important positions in the imperial court. Meanwhile, Madam Ke sought to retain power by removing all other women from the emperor's harem by locking away the emperor's concubines and starving them to death.
One Confucian moralist group, the Donglin Movement, expressed distress at the conditions of the government.[3] In response, the imperial court, under Wei Zhongxian's control, covertly ordered the execution of a number of officials associated with the Donglin Movement. Living conditions worsened during the Tianqi Emperor's reign. The Ming dynasty also faced several popular uprisings.
The Tianqi Emperor died in 1627 and was succeeded by his fifth and sole surviving brother, Zhu Youjian, because he had no sons to succeed him. Zhu Youjian was enthroned as the Chongzhen Emperor. As both the Tianqi Emperor's daughters died early too, it seems that there are no natural heirs from the emperor left alive.





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Hartill 20.233 RARE! Ming Dynasty Large Tian Qi 10 cash Zhen Mint 1605 AD



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