Hartill 18.40 Zheng Long Yuan Bao 1158-1161 NU-CHENG TARTARS, Jin DYNASTY


King Hai Ling, also called Emperor Wan Yan Liang

Zheng Long Yuan Bao, AD 1158-1161

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Hartill 18.40

Zheng Long Yuan Bao, 1158-1161 AD

Obv: Zheng Long Yuan Bao

24 mm; 2.4 grams; Material: Bronze

Jin Dynasty (1115-1234), also spelled Jinn Dynasty, a Jurchen kingdom in northern China

The Jīn Dynasty (Jurchen: Anchu; Manchu: Aisin Gürün; Chinese: 金朝; pinyin: Jīn Cháo Wade-Giles Chin Dynasty; Mongolian: Altan Ulus; 1115–1234), also known as the Jurchen Dynasty, was founded by the Wanyan (完顏 Wányán) clan of the Jurchen, the ancestors of the Manchus who established the Qing Dynasty some 500 years later. The name is sometimes written as Jinn to differentiate it from an earlier Jìn Dynasty of China whose name is spelled identically in the Roman alphabet.
Emperor Shizong (1123 - 1189) of the Jin Dynasty (Chinese: 金世宗; pinyin: Jīn Shìzōng) was Emperor of Jin from 1161 to 1189.



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