Hartill 16.29 Chun Hua Yuan Bao 990-994 China Song Dynasty Running Script 1 Cash


The Northern Song Dynasty

1000 Years Coins Chun Hua Yuan Bao (AD 990 - 994)

Running Script

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Reference: Hartill 16.29

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Chun Hua Yuan Bao (Chinese: 淳化元寶; ) (990 - 994 AD).



Emperor Tai Zong (976-97 AD)

Chun Hua yuan bao (Chinese: 淳化元寶 ) (990-94). Written in regular, running, and grass script. There are also small and large iron coins. They have a nominal value of 10. In 991, 20,000 iron coins were needed in the market for one roll of silk. Permission was requested to alter the casting to Value Ten coins in the Imperial Script pattern. In one year only 3,000 strings were cast. They were not considered convenient, so casting was stopped. Gold and Silver coins were also found.

Taizong was a hardworking and diligent emperor, notable for reunifying China by conquering the Northern Han and for caring for the well being of his people. He personally led the campaign against the North, increased agricultural production, organized encyclopedias, expanded the courts and the examination system, and further limited the military power of the jiedushi. He personally wrote the inscriptions on his coins.

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Hartill 16.29 Chun Hua Yuan Bao 990-994 China Song Dynasty Running Script 1 Cash



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