Hartill 15.80 Tang Guo Tong Bao seal script 959 AD Tang Kingdom Currency


Bronze 1 cash from 959AD
Tang Guo Tong Bao in seal script

meaning Tang Kingdom Currency


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Reference: Hartill 15.80

Weight: 5 grams; Size: 24 mm; Bronze


Obverse: "T'ANG-KUO T'UNG-PAO" in seal script. from 959 AD

寶 通

(meaning T'ang Kingdom Currency).


The T'ang Kuo coins would probably be issued immediately after the Ta-T'ang coins, placing their first appearance in AD 961. On page 26, Schjoth records that that due to a money shortage these T'ang-kuo were valued at 1/2 Kai-yuan, which makes no sense as they are the same size and weight as a Kai-yuan. In a time time of shortage it would make much more sense if they were issued at a value of two Kai-yuan. Schjoth had an example with "WU" on the reverse (#443) which if genuine would suggest the intended denomination was 5 shu, which is a Kai-yuan.



AD 937-978

The Southern T'ang Dynasty was one of the "Five Kingdoms" established during the turmoil following the fall of T'ang Dynasty. Controlling a large portion of China from their capital in Nanking, the dynasty was fairly successful, lasting until AD 978 when it was finally over run by T'ai Tsu who had established the Northern Sung Dynasty some 18 years earlier. Southern T'ang coins do not have reign titles on them, but we have listed the titles under which each type was cast. No coins were issued by the first Southern T'ang Emperor Lieh Tsu (AD 937 to 943) or under Yuan Tsung (AD 943 to 961) until about AD 955, so it is likely T'ang Dynasty Kai Yuan coins were still in use.



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Hartill 15.80 Tang Guo Tong Bao seal script 959 AD Tang Kingdom Currency ANCIENT



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