Hartill 15.78 Yong Tong Quan Huo (Eternal Circulation Coin) 10 Cash 959 AD South

Hartill 15.78 Yong Tong Quan Huo (Eternal Circulation Coin) 10 Cash 959 AD Southern Tang

The Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms
Southern Tang Kingdom (937-75 AD)
Yong Tong Quan Huo, 10 Cash Iron, 959 AD


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Reference: Hartill 15.78

Weight: 11.7 grams; Size: 39.5 mm; Iron

Obverse: Yong Tong Quan Huo (Eternal Circulation Coin)


貨      泉



Yong Tong Quan Huo (Chinese: 永通泉貨; pinyin: yǒng tōng quán huò) were produced after 959. Li Jing was short of funds for his army at that time. His minister Zhong Mo obtained permission to cast large coins, one equal to ten, with this inscription. In 964, the coin was withdrawn when Zhong Mo incurred the displeasure of the Emperor.


Li Jing (Southern Tang)

Li Jing (李璟, later changed to 李景) (916 – August 12, 961), originally Xu Jingtong (徐景通), briefly Xu Jing (徐璟) in 937-939, also known by his temple name Yuanzong (元宗), was the second ruler (sometimes called Zhongzhu (中主, "Middle Ruler")) of imperial China's Southern Tang state during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. He reigned his country from 943 until his death.

During Li Jing's earlier reign, he expanded Southern Tang's borders by extinguishing a few smaller neighboring states: Yin In 945, Min in 946, and Chu in 951. However, the warfare also exhausted the wealth of the country, leaving it ill-prepared to resist the Later Zhou invasion in 956. Forced to cede all prefectures north of the Yangtze River, he also had to relinquish his title as an emperor and accept Later Zhou's overlordship in 958, and later Song Dynasty's overlordship after 960 when Song succeeded Later Zhou.





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Hartill 15.78 Yong Tong Quan Huo (Eternal Circulation Coin) 10 Cash 959 AD South



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