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Hartill 14.136 Pure Silver Issue CHINA Tang ruled Gao Chang Ji Li Qara-hoja Qus

Hartill 14.136 Pure Silver Issue CHINA Tang ruled Gao Chang Ji Li Qara-hoja Qus lineage 499-640 AD

RARE Silver issue Authentic ANCIENT CHINA

Tang ruled Gao Chang

Gao Chang Ji Li ( Qara-hoja - Propitious)

Qu's lineage (499-640 AD)

Authenticity guaranteed for all items!

Reference: Hartill 14.136

Weight: 14.5 grams; Size: 26.9 mm; Material: Pure Silver

Gao Chang Ji Li ( Qara-hoja - Propitious)

Gao Chang Ji Li (top right bottom left)

Qu's lineage (499-640)

Gaochang, an ancient state of the Western Region, is known in the history as the Frontal Cheshi Tribe. The territory of the ancient state covered what is now Turpan County in Xinjiang...
Gaochang jili cash was coined in the reigns of the kings of the Qu's lineage (499-640). Made in excellent workmanship, jili cash were inscribed with Han characters in the official script style of the Han dynasty. The cash was circular, with a square hole in the middle, thick and weighty ...


Tang ruled Gao Chang

Gaochang (Chinese: 高昌; pinyin: Gāochāng), also called Qara-hoja or Kara-Khoja (قاراھوجا in Uyghur), is the site of an ancient oasis city built on the northern rim of the inhospitable Taklamakan Desert in Xinjiang, China. The site is also known in published reports as Chotscho, Khocho, Qocho, or Qočo. During the Yuan and Ming dynasties, Gaochang was referred to as "Halahezhuo" (哈拉和卓) (Qara-khoja) and Huozhou.
A busy trading center, it was a stopping point for merchant traders traveling on the Silk Road. It was destroyed in wars during the 14th century, and old palace ruins and inside and outside cities can still be seen today. The ruins are located 30 km southeast of modern Turpan.[1] Nearby Gaochang is the site of the Astana tombs.

However, fearing Tang expansion, Qu Wentai later formed an alliance with the Western Turks and rebelled against Tang suzerainty. Emperor Taizong sent an army led by General Hou Junji against the kingdom in 640, and Qu Wentai apparently died of shock at news of the approaching army. Gaochang was annexed by the Chinese Tang dynasty and turned into a sub-prefecture of Xizhou (西州), and the seat of government of Anxi (安西). Before the Chinese conquered Gaochang, it was an impediment to Chinese access to Tarim and Transoxiania.
Under the Tang rule, Gaochang was inhabited by Chinese, Sogdians, and natives.
Tang dynasty became greatly weakened due to the An Lushan Rebellion, and in 755, the Chinese were forced to pull back their soldiers from the region. The area was first taken by the Tibetans, then finally by the Uyghurs in 803, who called the area Kocho (Qocho).


The Buddhist stupa of Gaochang ruins.


Hartill 14.136 Pure Silver Issue CHINA Tang ruled Gao Chang Ji Li Qara-hoja Qus

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