Hartill 14.135 Rare! Tang Dynasty, Xian Tong Xuan Bao; 870 AD, Gui Yang Mint

Tang Dynasty

Xian Tong Xuan Bao (Xian Tong Dark Currency)

870 AD, Gui Yang Mint


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Reference: Hartill 14.135

Xian Tong Xuan Bao (Xian Tong Dark Currency)


Gui Yang Mint, 870 AD,

23.5 mm; 3.7 grams; Material: Bronze

According to an old catalogue, this coin was cast in 870 by the Guiyang Inspectorate.


Emperor Yizong of Tang

Emperor Yizong of Tang (Chinese: 唐懿宗) (December 28, 833 – August 15, 873), né Li Wen (李溫), later changed to Li Cui (Chinese: 李漼), was an emperor of the Tang dynasty of China. He reigned from 859 to 873. Yizong was the eldest son of Emperor Xuānzong. After Emperor Xuānzong's death in 859, Emperor Yizong was placed on the throne by the eunuch Wang Zongshi (王宗實), who killed other eunuchs supporting another son of Emperor Xuānzong's, Li Zi the Prince of Kui.


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Hartill 14.135 Rare! Tang Dyna