Hartill 11.30 Three Kingdoms Wu Dynasty Emperor Sun Quan Da Quan Wu Bai Value500



Three Kingdoms, Wu Dynasty (229-259 AD) Emperor Sun Quan


"Da Quan Wu Bai" Value 500 Wu Zhu, 236 AD


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Reference: Hartill 11.30

28.5 mm; 6.5 grams !


"Da Quan Wu Bai" (Great coin value five hundred wu shu).

Bronze 500 Wu Shu (500 shu),


Emperor TA HUANG
(Sun Ch'uan)
AD 229 - 259

Reign title: Chia-ho, AD 229 - 237

S-192, Bronze 500 shu. "TA-CH'UAN WU PAI" (Great coin value 500). This type was based on the Ta-ch'uan coinage of Wang Mang, but is of much inferior casting. Schjoth records that these were cast from almost pure copper, which is easily corroded and thus these are often not very well preserved, but we have had specimens that were cast in a brass alloy. The records of Sun Ch'uan (Schjoth page 14) indicate that these coins were first cast in AD 236, the 5th year of Chia-ho.

"wu dynasty">WU DYNASTY
AD 229 - 280

Mitchiner (page694) records that Sun Ch'uan, a general of the Western Han, established himself at Wuchang (Hupai Province) in AD 222 upon the fall of the Western Han. It must have taken him some time to establish a power base as it was not until AD 229 that he took the title of Emperor under the name Ta Huang, establishing the WU dynasty and moving the capital to Nanking. The Wu appear to have been the strongest of the Three Kingdoms, as they survived for 15 years after both Wei and Northern Han had been overrun by the Chin. (Note that Schjoth refers to this as the Eastern Wu Dynasty).






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Hartill 11.30 Three Kingdoms Wu Dynasty Emperor Sun Quan Da Quan Wu Bai Value500



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