Hartill 10.26 Silver Sui Wu Zhu 585 China Hour glass wu, inner rim by wu only

Ancient China
Silver, Sui Wu Zhu (Five Zhu) 585 AD

Hour glass Wu, inner rim by the Wu only.


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Reference: Hartill 10.26a

Material: Silver; Weight: 2.8 grams; Size: 22.6 mm


Sui Wu Zhu (Five Zhu) 581 AD

Hour glass wu, inner rim by the wu only.

First cast by Emperor Wen in 581. After introducing these new coins, the Emperor ordered all the frontiers to hand over 100 cash as samples in 583, and the next year strictly forbade the circulation of old coins and commanded that when this was disobeyed, the responsible officials should be fined half a years salary. 1000 coins weighted 4jin 2 liang. Minting privileges were granted to several imperial princes during this reign.



The Sui Dynasty

China was reunified under the Sui Dynasty (581-618). Under this short-lived dynasty, many reforms were initiated that led to the subsequent success of the Tang dynasty. The only coin associated with the Sui is a Wu Zhu coin. Additional mints were set up in various prefectures, typically with five furnaces each. Cash was frequently checked for quality by the officials. However, after 605, private coining again caused a deterioration of the coinage.



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Hartill 10.26 Silver Sui Wu Zhu 585 China Hour glass wu, inner rim by wu only A



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