Hartill 10.12 Three Kingdoms Cao Wei (222–265) Cao Cao, Wei Wu Zhu


the Three Kingdoms

Cao Wei (222–265) 曹操, Cao Cao,

"Wei Wu Zhu"


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Cao Wei (222–265) 曹操, Cao Cao, the Three Kingdoms

"Wei Wu Zhu"

This state only issued Wu Zhu coins. Coarse characters.

Weight: 2.5 grams; Size: 23 mm; Bronze




Coins of the Three Kingdoms

(220-280 AD)

The several centuries from the end of the Han (220 AD) to the unification of China under the Sui Dynasty (581 AD) was a period of recurring civil wars and social upheaval. At the beginning of this period were the Three Kingdoms consisting of the State of Wei (220-265 AD), the State of Shu (221-263 AD) and the State of Wu (222-280 AD).

The State of Shu, also known as Shu Han (蜀汉), was ruled by Liu Bei (刘备). Liu Bei was forever immortalized as a hero in one of China's greatest historical novels entitled the Romance of the Three Kingdoms written in the 14th Century by Luo Guanzhong. During times of war in ancient China, it was common for rulers to issue coins of large denominations.

The coin has the inscription zhi bai wu zhu (直百五铢) and was issued in 214 AD by Liu Bei. Even though the coin is approximately the same size and weight of the wu zhu (五铢) coins of the Han Dynasty, the inscription translates as "Value One Hundred Wu Zhu" coins.



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Hartill 10.12 Three Kingdoms Cao Wei (222–265) Cao Cao, Wei Wu Zhu ANCIENT CHIN



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