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Guizhou Car Dollar China Silver Dollar Kweichow 1928 (year 17) $1 Auto Y-428

China Silver Dollar 1928

Kweichow 1928 (year 17) $1 Auto Y-428

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Weight: 26.88 grams; Size: 39.92 mm; Material: .900 fine silver


Kweichow (Guizhou) Province lies in south central China. It is home to a group of non-Han Chinese people, and has traditionally been a seat of political unrest in China. One particularity of coin production was the lack of local copper. For this reason the Kweichow mint struck some coins in antimony (which was locally in abundance), and remains the only place in the world to do so. The Kweichow mint opened in 1730, producing cash coins.

"CHINA. Kweichow. "Auto" Dollar, Year 17 (1928). 民國十七年貴州省造壹圓銀幣。Zhou Xicheng was the provincial warlord governor of Kweichow, ruling from July 1927 until April 1929. Although his rule was short, Xicheng focused heavily on education and modernizing the province through public works. This fascinating issue was minted by the order of Zhou Xicheng, struck to commemorate the completion of the Kweichow (Guizhou) provincial highway. Directly below the automobile, found in a hidden arrangement of blade of grass is the secret mark of "Xicheng". EXTREMELY RARE in this state of preservation. Lightly toned, very attractive. 貴州省長周西成在1927年7月至1929年4月間統治該省。雖然在位期間不長,他致力於省內的教育及現代化。這枚銀幣是周西成下令製造的,用來紀念貴州省公路的開通。在汽車圖案底下的草坪上,隱藏“西成”兩字。品相能如此枚之佳的極其珍稀。

Recorded mintage: 648,000.
Catalog reference: L&M-610; K-757; Y-428; Hsu-289; Wenchao-pg.664 #1062.



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Guizhou Car Dollar China Silver Dollar Kweichow 1928 (year 17) $1 Auto Y-428 Chi