Great Korea Dragon Copper 5 Fun, Great Joseon founded 504 years 大朝鮮開國504年 1895

Great Korea Dragon Copper 5 Fun, Great Joseon founded 504 years 大朝鮮開國504年 1895

Great Korea Dragon Copper 5 Fun, Yi Hyong

Great Joseon founded 504 years ago, 5 Fun

Korean - 開國504年 (大朝鮮) 1895


Korean - 開國504年 (大朝鮮) 1895


Two dragons, date above, denomination below

Lettering: • 大朝鮮 開國 五百四年 • 오푼 5 FUN

Translation: Great Joseon founded 504 years ago, 5 Pun 5 Fun


Ouyat Blossoms, The Royal Crest of the Korean Empire above, Denomination in wreath below


Translation: Five Fun


Metal Copper; Weight 6.9 g; Diameter 27 mm

References: KM# 1108




5 Fun (五分) Coins

The 5 fun (五分) coins were produced from 1892 to 1902 except during the years 1897, 1900 and 1901.

These copper coins are composed of 98% copper, 1% tin and 1% zinc.

The coin has a diameter of 27 mm, a thickness of 1.5 mm and a weight of 6.9 grams.

All 5 fun coins were made in Incheon (仁川典局) except for those produced in 1902 which were minted at Yongsan (龍山典局).

There are varieties with small (小子), medium (中子) and large (大字) characters or letters as well as ones displaying the country name as "Great Korea" (大朝鮮) , "Korea" (朝鮮) and "Daehan" (大韓).

These is an interesting story associated with these 5 fun coins involving Japanese samurai.

Japanese "Ronins" ("wave men" 浪人), who were samurai without masters, used Korean "5 fun" coins as the copper blanks or planchets to counterfeit Chinese "10 cash" (十文铜元) coins which then circulated in China's eastern provinces. For a detailed discussion of these counterfeit coins (han gai ban 韩改版) please see Chinese "10 Cash" Coins Overstruck on Korean "5 Fun" Coins.



Korean Chon and Won Coins (1902-1910)

During the years 1902-1910, the coins of Korea were denominated in won (圜) and chon (錢). The chon was equal to 1/100th of a won.

The coin denominations consisted of 1/2 chon (半 錢), 1 chon (一 錢), 5 chon (五 錢), 10 chon (十 錢), 20 chon (二十錢), and half won (半 園).

The half won (半園) coins were only minted during the years 1905-1908.

The half won coins made in 1905 and 1906 are composed of 80% silver and 20% copper. The diameter is 31 mm and the weight is 13.5 grams.

The half won coins struck in 1907 and 1908 are also 80% silver and 20% copper but are slightly smaller with a diameter of 27.5 mm and a weight of 10.0 grams.

The dragon symbol was replaced by the phoenix on the 1/2 chon, 1 chon and 5 chon coins.

All of the coins from this period were made at the mint in Osaka, Japan (日本大阪造幣局).


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Great Korea Dragon Copper 5 Fun, Great Joseon founded 504 years 大朝鮮開國504年 1895



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