Gold Gilt bronze Qian Yuan Zhong Bao 10 Cash Tang Dynasty 756-762 AD

Ancient China Tang Dynasty

Gold Gilt bronze, Gold plated bronze Coin

Qian Yuan Zhong Bao 756-762 AD
Standard 10 Cash Coin


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Reference: Hartill 14.101

Material: Gold Gilt bronze;

Size: 29.8 mm; Weight: 7.7 grams

Qian Yuan Zhong Bao; 756-762 AD

10 Cash Coin


Qian Yuan zhong bao (Chinese: 乾元重寶; pinyin: qián yuán zhòng bǎo) were issued by Emperor Su Zong (756-62) to pay the army fighting against the rebels. Coins of the first issue, in 758, were the equivalent of 10 ordinary cash. Each coin weighed 1.6 qian. The second issue, from 759, was of larger coins, one of which was to be the equivalent of 50 cash. These coins have a double rim on the reverse and are known as the Zhong Lun (Heavy Wheel) cash. Their weight was twice that of the 10 cash coins. After scenes that foreshadowed the Xianfeng period (1853), with hundreds of people executed for forgery, the large Qian Yuan coins were devalued to 30 cash. In 762, the smaller coins were devalued to 2 cash, and the Heavy Wheel cash to 3 cash. Small Qian Yuans, worth one Kai Yuan, were also issued





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Gold Gilt bronze Qian Yuan Zhong Bao 10 Cash Tang Dynasty 756-762 AD Ancient Chi



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