Gold Gilt Bronze Chong-Ning-Tong-Bao 10 Cash 1102 slender gold calligrap

Ancient China, The Northern Song Dynasty

Chong-Ning-Tong-Bao 10 Cash coin,

1102-1106 A.D.

Royal slender gold calligraphy


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Material: Pure Gold Gilding bronze

Weight: 11 grams; Size: 34 mm


The inscription (legend), which is read top to bottom and right to left, is chong ning tong bao (崇宁通宝). Chong (崇) has the meaning of "sublime" and "worship". Ning (宁) can translate as "tranquil" and "peaceful". It was cast in the years 1102 - 1106 during the reign of Emperor Hui Zong (1101 - 1125).


Emperor Hui Zong (1101-1125) was a man of culture and the arts but one whose decisions regarding administration of the state resulted in the fall of the Northern Song through defeat by the Jin. Nevertheless, the coins cast during his reign are considered among the very best produced during the Song Dynasty in terms of their quality, artistic essence and calligraphy.

While coins of Emperor Hui Zong's Chong Ning years were produced as chong ning tong bao (崇宁通宝), chong ning yuan bao (崇 宁元 宝) and chong ning zhong bao (崇宁重 宝), all the coins cast during the Da Guan years were da guan tong bao (大观通 宝). Many of the 1 cash and 10 cash da guan tong bao coins display the Emperor's "slender gold" calligraphy.




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Gold Gilt Bronze Chong-Ning-Tong-Bao 10 Cash 1102 slender gold calligrap



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