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Gold 5 Dollar Yunnan Governor Tang Jiyao Support Republican Memorial 唐繼堯 金幣 5$

Gold 5 Dollar Yunnan Governor Tang Jiyao Support Republican Memorial 唐繼堯 金幣 5$

Republic of China, Gold 5 Dollar
Yunnan Governor Tang Jiyao

Support Republican Memorial, Y# 481


Material: Solid Pure Gold; Weight: 4.6 grams; Size: 19 mm


Bust of Tang Jiyao


Reverse: the crossed design of iron-and-blood 18-star flag and a five-colour flag with two stars on the flanks.



Support Republican Memorial

圓 伍 幣 銀 當

Five Dollar

Edge: Reeded


References: Y# 481




When Tang Jiyao (T'ang Ch'i-chao), Governor-General of Yunnan Province, rebelled against Yuan Shikai he issued dollars and half-dollars, together with a 50 cash coin, each showing a facing portrait of himself. In addition he minted gold coins bearing his portrait that weighed circa 8.5 gm and a smaller denomination weighing circa 4.6 gm. Effectively he was the first of the many warlords that took control of large areas of the country as central authority disintegrated.

T'ang Chi-yao (or Tang Jiyao) was military governor of Yunnan from 1913 to 1927. Coins with his likeness on the front and crossed flags on the back were minted in Yunnan Province during the early part of his reign.

Tang Jiyao

Tang Jiyao (1882-1927) A warloard of the Yunnan clique, also known as Xuangeng. A native of Huize, Yunnan Province, Tang Jiyao graduated from a Japanese Military Cadet School and joined Sun Yat-sen's Tong Meng Hui in Japan. Back in China, he became an officer and drill supervisor in the modern army in Yunnan. In the 1911 Revolution, he joined the uprising in Kunming led by Cai E. He led an army that captured Guiyang in 1912 and he became Military Governor of Guizhou Province. The following year he was appointed military governor of Yunnan. When Cai E, leader of the Yunnan army, called upon the whole country to rise to overthrow Yuan Shih Kai and protect the Republic in December 1915, Tang Jiyao assumed the position as commander of the 3rd army to garrison Yunnan. The Hu Guo Jun , or the army to protect the republic, formed a military council in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Provice in May 1916 to act as the cabinet for all the internal and external affairs of the independent provinces. Tang Jiyao was selected as marshal. He took part in the "movement to uphold the Constitution" in opposition to Duan Qirui while at the same time tried to oust Dr. Sun Yat-sen by secretly colluding with the Beiyang warlords. In the succeeding years, he more that once let his troops to invade Guizhou and Sichuan in an attempt to lord it over Southwest China as he styled himself "commander-in-chief of the joint army." He was driven out by Gu Pinzhen in 1921, but he managed to return to Yunnan the following year and resumed his post. He advocated "joint autonomy of neighbouring provinces " in his attempt to maintain his sphere of power. He lost his position under pressure fromlocal warlords Hu Royu ­J­Y·M and Yun Long in 1927 and some time later died.

Ref. An Overview of China's Gold & Silver Coins of Past Ages - The gold and silver coins and medals of modern China. p.845


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Gold 5 Dollar Yunnan Governor Tang Jiyao Support Republican Memorial 唐繼堯 金幣 5$

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