Hartill 19.1 Genuine Silver Ghengis Khan Mongol Empire Da Chao Tong Bao 1206AD M

Genuine Silver Ghengis Khan Mongol Empire Da Chao Tong Bao 1206AD Mint Karakorum

The Mongol Empire

Silver Da Chao Tong Bao (大朝通寶),

1206 -1227 AD
Ghengis Khan (成吉思汗) at his capital at Karakorum

The Mongol Empire silver Da Chao Tong Bao (大朝通寶), known as The Great Dynasty, pre-Yuan Dynasty (元朝). In David Hartill rubbing catalog, listed as H19.1, this coin alleged to have been cast by the legendary Ghengis Khan (成吉思汗) at his capital at Karakorum , c. 1206 AD - 1227 AD. Rare.

Da Chao Tong Bao was once considered as extremely rare, until recently several hoards of silver coins including Da Chao Tong Bao was fond in Longxi, and Mongolia.


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Obverse: Da Chao Tong Bao 大 朝 通 寶 (top bottom right left)

Weight: 4.7 grams; Size: 23 mm; Material: Silver


Refs.: Ding Fu Bao 1695/96, Schjoth (Hancock ed.) 1097-A, Tsai 467

Hartill 19.1 (Rarity 1). Fund from Longxi

(September 2007, vgl. Alexandrov/Belyaev/Sidorovich/ Guangsheng, "Hoard of Silver Coins da-chao tong-bao from Longxi").

Even before the Mongols took control over China, they had begun to cast Chinese-style coins, like the Great Dynasty Circulating Treasure (Da Chao Tong Bao). There are a number of variant forms of this coin. Most are not carefully made. The strokes on the three characters for "large", "circulating" and treasure" resemble the calligraphy on the Northern Song Daguan coins. Some specimens have taken on a grayish color, which has hitherto been considered as a sign of the silver having been alloyed, but none of them has undergone chemical analysis. Some of the coin reverses bear seal marks, either one or two of them. Some people infer from these that such coins had been in circulation.

Great Dynasty was the name the Mongols used for themselves before they changed their appellation to Great Yuan. Weng Shupei, Collected Investigations of Ancient Coins, includes an investigation of this. For the Great Dynasty Circulating Treasure silver coin, cf. Xuan Yugong, "Great Dynasty Circulating Treasure Continued Investigation", Encyclopedia of Ancient Coins, latter compendium, three-stroke section, pp.95-97.

As you might realize "Da Chao" is not a reign legend. Actually it means something like "Great Court" and I was considering the hypothesis that it was actually nothing more than the Chinese version of the arabic legends "al Urdu al a'zam", that occurs on a number of early Chaghatayid coins (the trilingual pieces).





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Hartill 19.1 Genuine Silver Ghengis Khan Mongol Empire Da Chao Tong Bao 1206AD M



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