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Gegeen Khan, 1321-1323 AD Zhi Zhi Tong Bao, 10 cash Mongol Dynasty China Yuan

Gegeen Khan, 1321-1323 AD Zhi Zhi Tong Bao, 10 cash Mongol Dynasty China Yuan

Yuan Dynasty (元朝), also called the Mongol Dynasty of China

Gegeen Khan, 1321-1323 AD

Zhi Zhi Tong Bao, 10 cash


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Obv: Zhi Zhi Tong Bao

1321-1323 AD

Gegeen Khan (Mongolian: Шидэбал Гэгээн хаан, Shidebal Gegegen qaγan), born Shidibala, also known by the temple name Yingzong (Emperor Yingzong of Yuan, Chinese: 元英宗, February 22, 1303 – September 4, 1323), was the successor of Ayurbarwada to rule as Emperor of the Yuan dynasty, and is regarded as the ninth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire or Mongols. His name means "enlightened/bright khan" in the Mongolian language.

Early in his short reign, the Khunggirat faction played a key role in the Yuan court. When his grandmother Dagi (Targi) and the grand councillar Temuder died in 1322, his opponents seemed to have triumphed. Despite the Emperor's aim to reform the government based on the Confucian principles, Temuder's faction linked up with the Alan guard and assassinated the emperor in 1323. This was the first violent transition struggle in the Mongolian imperial history, which is also known as Coup d'état at Nanpo, that the Non-Borjigins overthrew the Emperor.




Founding of the Dynasty


Genghis Khan

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Since the beginning of his reign (1260), Kublai Khan had adopted many customs from earlier Chinese dynasties, such as era names and bureaucracy. After winning the war against Ariq Böke, Kublai Khan began his reign over his realm with greater aspirations and self-confidence — in 1266 he ordered the construction of his new capital at the modern city ofBeijing. The city had been called Zhongdu (Chinese: 中都, lit. "Central Capital") during theJin Dynasty, and in 1272 it came to be known as Dadu (Chinese: 大都; Wade-Giles: Ta-tu, "Great Capital") in Chinese, Daidu to the Mongols, and Khanbalikh ("City of the Khans") to the Turks.[9] In 1271 he established the Yuan Dynasty, which would proceed to be the first non-Han dynasty to rule all of China. Its official title, Da Yuan (Chinese: 大元, "Great Yuan"), originates from I Ching, "大哉乾元" (dà zāi qián yuán). Yuan is the first dynasty in China to use Da (Chinese: 大, "Great") in its official title.[10] In 1272, Dadu officially became the capital of the Yuan Dynasty.

In the early 1270s, Kublai began his massive drive against the Southern Song. By 1273, Kublai had blockaded the Yangzi River with his navy and besieged Xiangyang, the last obstacle in his way to capture the rich Yangzi River basin. In 1275, a Song force of 130,000 troops under Chancellor Jia Sidao was defeated by the Yuan force. By 1276, most of the Southern Song territory had been captured by Yuan forces. In 1279, the Yuan army led by the Chinese general Zhang Hongfan had.





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Gegeen Khan, 1321-1323 AD Zhi Zhi Tong Bao, 10 cash Mongol Dynasty China Yuan

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