China KWEICHOW PROVINCE Silver Half Dollar 50 Cents Y# 432 Year 38 (1949)

China KWEICHOW PROVINCE Silver Half Dollar 50 Cents Y# 432 Year 38 (1949)

China Silver Half Dollar, 50 Cents
Kweichow 1949 Year 38

China KWEICHOW PROVINCE 50 Cents Y# 432 38 (1949)

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Weight: 13.6 grams; Size: 33 mm; Material: Silver

Obv: 50 value 50 all round



幣      銀

造 省 州 貴


Edge: Reeded


1949 Kweichow 50 Cent with the “Greek border” design

The reverses for the coin displays a large number “50” in the center surrounded by a pearled ring. Just beyond the pearled ring the figure “50” is printed 32 times. Finally, a Greek meander border similar to the obverse is present.

The 50 Cents piece displays on the obverse within an inner pearled ring, four Chinese characters that denote: “Half-Dollar Silver Coin.” Above the pearled ring in Chinese characters is the date: “38th Year of the Republic of China” (1949). Two small four petalled rosaces divide this upper legend from the lower, which reads: Made in Kweichow Province.” Surrounding these is the aforementioned Greek meander border.




Kweichow (Guizhou) Province lies in south central China. It is home to a group of non-Han Chinese people, and has traditionally been a seat of political unrest in China. One particularity of coin production was the lack of local copper. For this reason the Kweichow mint struck some coins in antimony (which was locally in abundance), and remains the only place in the world to do so. The Kweichow mint opened in 1730, producing cash coins.



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China KWEICHOW PROVINCE Silver Half Dollar 50 Cents Y# 432 Year 38 (1949)



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