Bronze mother coin for Iron! Shao Xi Tong Bao, 1192 Year 3 Qingchun mint, S Song



Shao Xi Tong Bao, a bronze mother coin for Iron

Year 3 = 1192 AD, Chun above, Qingchun mint, Hubei


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Reference: Hartill 17.369 IRON issue (Bronze mother coin for Iron!)

Weight: 7.8 grams; Size: 27.2 mm; Material: Bronze

Shao Xi Tong Bao, Year 5, 1194 AD

Chun above, Qingchun mint, Hubei


Emperor Guang Zong (1190-94)

Emperor Guangzong 宋光宗 (1147–1200) (reigned 1189–1194) was the 12th Emperor of Song dynasty. He was born with the name Zhao Dun 趙惇. His temple name means "Bright Ancestor".
He gave the city of Chongqing its present name, meaning 'Double Celebration'. According to Xu Wei, the Nanxi style of theatre began in his reign. He listened to some treacherous officials and dismissed popular military leader Xin Qiji. He was forced to give up his throne in 1194 by his grandmother, the Grand Empress Dowager, as he refused to attend the funeral procession of his father, Xiaozong. He died in 1200 near Shaoxing, Zhejiang.


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