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Antique TIBET Dalai LAMA 5 Sho Tibet Snow Lion copper 16th TB Century 23 Year

Antique TIBET Dalai LAMA Coin

Tibet 1 Sho copper 16th TB Century 23 Year

Thubten Gyatso legend, 5 Sho Copper


Authenticity guaranteed!



Obverse: Snow Lion on Everest snow mountain, two sun above

Reverse Inscription:

| དགའ | ལྡ ན | ཕོ | བྲང | ཕྱོཌ | ལས | རྣམ | ཆྱལ |
(dgav dan pho brang phyogs las rnam rgyal)
Holy Temple of DGAVDAN, Victory everywhere!!


Reverse Inscription: རབ་བྱུང་༡༦ ལོ་ ༢༣ ( ༡༦ 16 Tibetan century ༢ ༣ 23 year )
60 years a Tibetan century.


༡༦ ལོ་༢༣


The Snow Lion Is A Mythical Creature That Resides In The East And Represents Unconditional Cheerfulness, A Mind Free Of Doubt, Clear And Precise. It Has A Beauty And Dignity Resulting From A Body And Mind That Are Synchronized. The Snow Lion Has A Youthful, Vibrant Energy Of Goodness And A Natural Sense Of Delight. Sometimes The Throne Of A Buddha Is Depicted With Eight Snow lions On It; In This Case, They Represent The 8 Main Bodhisattva-Disciples Of Buddha Shakyamuni, The Historical Buddha.

Associations: Main Quality Is Fearlessness, Dominance Over Mountains, And The Earth Element.





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Antique TIBET Dalai LAMA 5 Sho Tibet Snow Lion copper 16th TB Century 23 Year

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