Ancient Korean Korean Choson Tong Bo 1625 AD, King Injo palbun style

Korean Choson Tong Bo

1625 AD, King Injo (仁 祖) One cash, palbun style


Weight: 5.4 grams; Size: 24 mm; Bronze

Choson Tong Bo (朝 鮮通寶)



Korean Coins of King Ingo (仁 祖) of the Yi Dynasty

The second time coins with the inscription Choson tong bo (朝 鮮通寶) were cast was 200 years later in the 3rd year (1625 AD) of the reign of King Injo (仁 祖) of the Yi Dynasty (Choson or Chosun or Joseon Dynasty 李紀).

Unlike the earlier Choson tong bo (朝鮮通寶) coins, these coins had the inscription written in "official style" (palbun 八分) as in the example at the left.

The coins tend to have a yellow-brown color and the characters are not very standardized. The strokes can be thin or thick and small or large. Some varieties have broad rims while others have narrow rims.

Both government and private versions were cast and, therefore, coins can vary from well-made to crude.

Unlike the earlier version of the coin, coins with inscriptions written in clerical script (隸書) are much scarcer.


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Ancient Korean Korean Choson Tong Bo 1625 AD, King Injo palbun style



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